"Why does diversity matter?...
Diversity can provide insurance, improve productivity, spur innovation, enhance robustness, produce collective knowledge,"

Scott E. Page, Social Scientist, Professor, Author, University of Michigan

Capturing diversity in scholarly research means addressing the work produced by both published and unpublished authors. Leverage the rich content in dissertations and theses, honor the research output from all voices, and avoid the permutation of bias perspectives due to publishing obstacles of the past and present.

Help students learn from Every Voice

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Dissertations and theses include diverse voices and global perspectives

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global contains broad coverage across diversity, equity, inclusion topic areas from 1743 to present day.

  • Gender Studies. Nearly 13K
  • Women Studies. Nearly 60K
  • Black and African Studies. 45K+
  • Asian Studies. 14K+
  • Hispanic Studies. 6.5K+
  • Middle Eastern Studies. Nearly 3.5K
  • Indigenous peoples. 10.5K+
  • LGBTQ+. 3K+
  • Disability Studies. 2.2K+
  • Educational Equity topics. 34K+
  • Religion. Nearly 170K

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Unique perspectives often not found in other sources

Students, faculty, and researchers use dissertations to locate authors they can identify with, include well-rounded perspectives from different backgrounds, and to elevate academic voices that have been silenced through suppression in the publishing industry. Read the blog Making Diverse Perspectives and Research Topics Accessible to discover why the world’s first drag queen with a Ph.D. on drag history published her dissertation with ProQuest.

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A global scholarly ecosystem

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) Global represents content from over 4,000 universities from 60 countries, offering a truly global perspective. PQDT Global connects diverse voices across time and geography into a scholarly ecosystem; with reference and cited by links to the full body of expanded research. Request to see what’s been newly added and the global coverage so you can understand how this can improve DEI at your institution.

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BIG data can tell BIG stories about diversity and equity in our world

Dissertations and theses are one of the most popular data sets for text and data mining research projects. When over 5 million dissertations and theses are paired with TDM Studio for text and data mining, inferences can be made quickly, efficiently, and leveraged for meaningful teaching and learning opportunities.

In 2020, Stanford University analyzed data from nearly all U.S. PhD recipients and their dissertations across three decades, their published findings show that demographically underrepresented students innovate at higher rates than majority students, but their novel contributions are discounted and less likely to earn them academic positions. Read the blog. 


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Include Your Research in the global conversation

The valuable research within dissertations and theses is representative of a broad range of scholars. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses editorial teams enhance the metadata in every title generating improved discovery and more equitable search results across all institutions. Bringing these voices together from over 60 countries into one singular collection of full text content elevates their research to over 4 million ProQuest users.

PQDT Global is a community, a resource, and an ecosystem, where researchers around the world can learn from – and for – each other.

All institutions that include dissertations and theses with ProQuest have free access to the ETD Dashboard, a 2021 CODiE Award Finalist, to measure the international reach and usage of their graduate output.


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