Chicago Tribune Extended Years

Chicago Tribune Extended Years

Chicago Tribune (1849 - 2010): Prize-winning Investigative and Public Service Journalism

The Chicago Tribune, known as the “The Trib” to Midwest natives, is best known for its prize-winning investigative and public service journalism providing historical coverage of people and events critical to the evolution of the Midwest, including topics such as immigration, politics, industrialization, manufacturing, and more. As a major metropolitan newspaper (and the largest in the Midwest), the Chicago Tribune is a valuable source of local, regional and national information and insights.

Now with extended coverage and ownership!
The Chicago Tribune is now available from ProQuest Historical Newspapers with extended coverage years from 1997-2010, exploring issues and events such as:

  •  The election of President Barack Obama, former Illinois senator from Chicago
  •  The immigration reform movement
  •  Chicago’s sports team coverage, including the Stanley Cup, NBA Championships, World Series and U.S. Open Cup
  •  The city’s record of gun violence over time

Additional years of ownership are now also available from 1938 – 1950, providing customers a chance to further curate the collection of this critical U.S. title.

So why not complete your collection with the Chicago Tribune Extended Years, available now at year-end pricing? 

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Historical newspaper content is among the most sought-after primary source material in research. 


A 2017 ProQuest survey shows newspapers are a vital tool in research - used by 72% of researchers and recommended by 88% of researchers who teach. ProQuest Historical Newspaper coverage chronicles the progression of views, events, people and places over time with cover-to-cover searchable access to articles, photos, advertisements, classified ads, obituaries, editorial cartoons and more. Plus, newspapers are an excellent starting point for beginning researchers, and robust enough to be a valuable source for advanced scholars.

  •  Coverage begins with the first date of publication for comprehensive historical insights and perspectives

  •  Article-level search term highlighting enables advanced search for deeper insights

  •  Article-level digitization strings together articles and featured news across the edition – saving valuable research time

  •  High-resolution grey-scale article and page-level images online or in downloadable PDF format 

*2017 ProQuest survey of 410 respondents from a global population of graduate-level through faculty researchers